Journalist – Author – Screenwriter

Majsan Boström is an award-winning journalist, a magazine writer, translator, author and screenwriter. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, The Bangkok Post, Café, Cinema, Icon, Omvärlden, Dagens Nyheter, on National Public Radio and Radio Sweden. In March 2014 her first book, “Extreme Training: från Fittja till Hollywood” was released. It chronicles the life of Dragomir “Gago” Mrsic, who turned his life around after being convicted of one of Sweden’s largest robberies, and became a trainer–and movie star. Her second book was co-written with soccer player Daniel Theorin, who wanted to take a closer look at what happens when the pro career is over. “Som ett Proffs” (Like a Pro) is a collection of short personal narratives of some of Sweden’s most legendary sports profiles, including Börje Salming (Ice hockey), Frank Andersson (Wrestling) and Madeleine Vall-Beijner (Thaiboxing).

Majsan shares her time between her native Sweden and the USA after a 15-year stint living throughout the United States and working as a crime reporter. She holds a BA from The University of North Carolina School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Majsan has studied creative writing at UNC-CH and UCLA and is currently an MFA candidate in UNCW’s fiction program.

Some times she also moonlights as an agent for stunt actresses (Madeleine Vall-Beijner, “Wonder Woman”) But no matter where life leads her, she usually return to crime because…

“Crime pays…someone will commit them and I’ll collect on the stories.” –M.A.B.



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