1. Extreme Training: Från Fittja till Hollywood (2014) ISBN: 978-91-7363-062-7
  2. Som ett proffs: om elitidrott och livet efter (2016) ISBN: 978-91-981488-7-9
  3. Crime and Community in the Cape Fear: A Prosecutor’s Guide to a Healthier Hometown (2018) *Developmental Editing
  4. Knocking Bolts: Six Decades in the Global Reliability and Maintenance Management Arena (2019) ISBN: 978-0-9883830-7-4
  5. Joyride: A Journal From Production, Harley Davidson’s 115th Anniversary Ride Home (2019)

Extreme Training: Från Fittja till Hollywood

Dragomir Mrsic kicked off his movie career as a 38-year-old father of two in Josef Fares dark drama Leo in 2007. His big break came three years later with Easy Money, directed by Daniél Espinosa, in which he played the Serbian hitman, Mrado. Easy Money caught international attention and Gago was awarded “Best Actor” in the Flanders International Film Festival Ghent in 2010. Martin Scorcese opened the film in Manhattan in 2012. That same year, Dragomir was cast in his first international role in Edge of Tomorrow (May 2014), directed by Doug Liman and starring alongside with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt.

He earned a yellow belt in taekwondo as a 9-year-old and became the Nordic Champion at 18. In 1990, he and three others carried out one of Sweden’s biggest robberies ($100 million). On the run for several years, he was eventually caught. It was the first conviction with the help of DNA in Sweden. After serving his prison sentence, Dragomir went to college for sports and and medicine, started his own gym and was randomly approached to cast in a film. “Extreme Training: from Fittja to Hollywood” (2014) is a combination of his training- and lifestyle philosophy, and biography.

Som ett proffs: om elitidrott och livet efter

Daniel Theorin played professional soccer for 11 years. Oftentimes he got the question: “How will you earn a living when it’s over?” His book is a guide in how to prepare yourself for a career after injuries, age or other life choices steer you in a new direction. Included are short, personal stories from legendary Swedish athletes including, Börje Salming, Magdalena Forsberg, Frank Andersson, Ronnie Hellström and Björn Ferry.  


Crime and Community in the Cape Fear: A Prosecutor’s Guide to a Healthier Hometown

My phone rings every time someone gets murdered…” District Attorney. Being a DA is so much more than prosecuting criminals.” Crime and Community in Cape Fear is a collection of cases Ben David has prosecuted to which he applies the basics of local law. It serves as a text book at the local university where Ben David teaches every year. (2018)

Knocking Bolts: Six Decades on the Global Reliability and Maintenance Management Arena

Knocking Bolts is Christer Idhammar’s journey through a successful career that began as an 18-year-old merchant mariner in Sweden and took him around the world as a Reliability and Maintenance Management consultant.

He has been instrumental in improving the reliability and maintenance field. He implemented sustainable maintenance centers in developing countries including Tanzania and India, trained and consulted on maintenance management for numerous industries, and even worked with the Panama Canal Commission.

Journey with the man, known by some as a guru and others as the “Godfather of Maintenance” through the places and experiences that helped shape his philosophy and IDCON INC’s 15 beliefs.

To Christer Idhammar, Reliability and Maintenance Management is both a passion and a calling. He knows that what he learned 60 years ago still holds true today—successful RMM is 90% about people.


Joyride: a production journal (Harley Davidson’s 115th Anniversary Ride Home)

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